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The heart and soul of  UPSC is its members, and they are pulled together by a network of first-line Stewards.

An effective Steward functions as a two-way pipeline:

  1. Passing information along to higher-ups in the union, so that they can formulate plans to respond to employer actions
  2. Making sure that the union members in their pharmacy locations are kept informed about what’s going on within the union.

Why become a Steward?

Become empowered to be more involved with your union and knowledgeable about your rights within our Contract!

Become the eyes and ears between your pharmacy location and your union officers and staff reps!

Become a Steward and: 

  • Attend Steward Trainings paid for by Kaiser, under our National Agreement. The goal is one steward per location, per shift. Steward Training is currently virtual only during this pandemic time, you will be paid to attend from a computer or phone.
  • Understand our UPSC contract language, its application, and how to enforce it.
  • Train like a BOSS with your Area’s UPSC Officer for Weingarten Rights meetings and understand how to take good notes at these investigatory meetings, observe how to conduct witness interviews and see how to prepare members for follow-up meetings.
  • Learn how to document this type of activity on the Manual Time Log to be paid by Kaiser and how to be reimbursed your mileage in OneLink. Management must grant and pay you time off for LMP work, such as being a Steward. You will ALWAYS have full guidance and support from your union mentors, so contact us if you cannot get time off to attend Steward duties.
  • Support UPSC by helping to inform and organize members, spread our message on social media, and distribute communication to build a stronger union.
  • Be aware of latest California state legislation that may affect your professional future and licensure, and what types of legal and political involvement can make a difference.
  • Be among the first to know the latest Bargaining news and important UPSC updates.
  • Connect with UNAC/UHCP leadership, UPSC Staff Representatives, Officers and fellow Stewards.

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Why do we have UPSC Stewards in the workplace?

- To be the ‘eyes, ears and face’ of our union, in real time in each pharmacy location and report if management is not abiding by our union contract with Kaiser.
- To help our union members identify workplace problems, to motivate those members to communicate such problems and take action on those concerns with the aid of UPSC Contract Specialists, Officers and Staff Reps.
- UPSC Stewards build credibility with union members AND managers with whom they interact with.

- It’s perfectly okay to say: ‘I’m not the sure about the answer to this, but let me/you contact our Area Officer/Contract Specialist/Staff Rep and they will get back to you.”

Why should we have a strong UPSC Steward system?

- A strong Steward base is the backbone of our pharmacist union. It makes the union stronger and visible to both workers AND management!
- It enables representation, communication and mobilization within the workplace.
- An effective Steward system ensures all members are represented by a Steward and that all members know their Steward.

What are some responsibilities of being a UPSC Steward?

- Protect the rights of members by enforcing the contract and other work laws.
- Assist members in workplace questions, investigations or disputes, or give them UPSC Contact Information
- Communicate accurate information to members, potential members, other Stewards, Contract Specialists, Officers, and Staff Reps and provide follow up when necessary.
- Motivate and mobilize UPSC members to become actively involved in addressing workplace issues and problems that affect them.
- Promote union values, principles and ideals in the workplace.
- Actively recruit candidates to help fulfill our National Contract with Kaiser to have a UPSC Steward for “every location, every shift.”